• Each team has 4 players on the field at a time (use more or less depending on your team)
  • Out of bounds always goes to the other team
  • Players can run with the ball but can only pass it backward – no forward passes
  • You score by running the ball into the other team’s end zone
  • You get 1 point for running it in on the outside of the cones and 2 points for running it in through the middle of the cones

Cross-Field Survivor

  • Each team has 1 Goalie, 2 Attackman, 2 Defensemen and 2 Middies (can change the positional numbers depending on your team)
  • The attackmen must stay between the side of the restraining line and sideline the entire time
  • The defensemen can go anywhere on their half of the field
  • The middies cannot go past the sides of the restraining line on their offensive half (but can go anywhere on defense)
  • Begin each set with a face-off and quickly face-off after each goal
  • You get points by scoring goals
  • The middies must decide between taking an outside shot from the wing or feeding the crease

Cross-Field Gauntlet

  • Each team has 2 players on one end and 4 on the other end
  • Nobody is allowed to cross the midline – you clear the ball by passing the ball to a teammate on the other end
  • The side with 2 players is Offense, the side with 4 players is Defense (you can change the numbers around depending on the skill level of your team
  • Each team scores by getting the ball in the ENDZONE on their 2 MAN SIDE
  • The 4 MAN SIDE is defense and the 2 MAN SIDE is offense
  • This is ultimately a Double Team game

Cross-Field Speed ‘Em Up

  • Setup a cross-field scrimmage with 2A, 2D, 2M, 1G on the field for each team
  • Get rid of one of the goals
  • The team that is defending the end with no goal:
    • The goalie has to stay in the crease except for clears and also can double off of end line restarts
    • They have a 10-second shot clock once they get the ball in their offensive zone (can adjust the shot clock time depending on the skill level of your team)
    • They get a point for scoring a goal
  • The team that is defending the end with the goal:
    • They get a point for a 30-second possession on their offensive half of the field (can adjust the time depending on the skill level of your team)
  • Face-off to start and after each point
  • All out of bounds played like a normal game
  • Substitutions played like a normal game
  • The is game allows you to practice two contrasting styles against each other (pressure/transition vs ball possession)

3v4 Red Dog

  • Each team has 1 Goalie, 1 Defense, 2 Middies, and 1 Attack (Can use a second Defense instead of a Goalie if needed)
  • Cages are turned backward – you must go around the cage to score
  • Start with a face-off to begin and after each point (Attack, Defense, and Goalie stay below GLE on the face-off)
  • Nobody, including the Goalie, is allowed to play in the cage (always an empty net scenario)
  • Can only have 3 on the offensive end and 4 total on the defensive end
  • Teams must execute Double Teams in order to Defend