3v4 Red Dog

  • Each team has 1 Goalie, 1 Defense, 2 Middies, and 1 Attack (Can use a second Defense instead of a Goalie if needed)
  • Cages are turned backward – you must go around the cage to score
  • Start with a face-off to begin and after each point (Attack, Defense, and Goalie stay below GLE on the face-off)
  • Nobody, including the Goalie, is allowed to play in the cage (always an empty net scenario)
  • Can only have 3 on the offensive end and 4 total on the defensive end
  • Teams must execute Double Teams in order to Defend

3v3 Feeder

  • Play Half-Court 3v3 inside the restraining box
  • Each team has an extra player behind the cage as a designated FEEDER
  • Every turnover you have to pass to your FEEDER in order to take it back
  • FEEDERS cannot be defended and must remain in their area
  • Also, FEEDERS have a 2-second rule with the ball
  • Any loose ball below the goal line goes to the FEEDER on that side
  • Play games to 3 points
  • Coach rolls in a new ball after each goal and out of bounds scenario


  • Create a box ~ 15 yards x 15 yards
  • Each team has 2 players inside the box and 2 players on the outside
  • 4 players in the box play everything out “live” within the box
  • The players on the outside cannot go inside the box but they can move along their line of the box
  • A team scores a point by successfully passing a ball from the outside, into a player in the middle, and back out to the other side
  • Any time a player in the middle gets a loose ball, he passes back out to one of his teammates on the outside
  • If a ball rolls outside of the box, it is put back into play by the outside player on the line that it rolled out of