Half-Court War

  • Split into two teams of even positions
  • Have each team line up outside the side of the restraining box on opposite sides
  • There are 4 rounds to the game
  • Each round, each team decides whether they want to send 2, 3, 4, or 5 players – but they can only use each number once
  • They don’t know each round what the other group is sending so you could get a 5v2, a 3v4, a 4v4, etc.
  • On turnovers, you have to take it back by passing it to the coach
  • Any out of bounds, the coach will roll in a new ball
  • You win the round by scoring a goal
  • After each goal, you reset everyone to their sides, give the teams a few seconds to determine how many they are sending for the next round
  • Coach rolls a ball in to start each round
  • If after 4 rounds the score is tied 2-2 then the tie-breaker is a 1v1 round – each team chooses who they want to send

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